5 Things I Realized While At A Beyonce Concert


Like almost every other twentysomething black woman in Metro Detroit, I attended the Beyonce concert this week. But unlike those other women, I wouldn’t say that my experience was flawless. Now this has nothing at all to do with Queen Bey, she herself was flawless. But while I was there I realized five things:

4 Tools All Small Businesses Should Be Using Right Now

Starting a small business or breaking into the freelance world often means trying to find the best tools at the most affordable price. Below you will find four tools that more than pull their weight and can give you a competitive edge while starting out. 


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Summer Abroad

I'm lucky to have a job that allows me to travel around the country to places I never would have thought to have gone on my own. But all the work travel made me miss traveling just for fun.  I decided last year that no matter what I was going to make it to Europe and luckily one week later, a chance came my way. A program through my school allowed MBA students to experience culture and business practices in several European countries, so of course I signed up. All I had to do is write a paper and get class credit, it was a no brainer!

Social Media and Business 101: Getting Started

Today, a company can create a Facebook page and potentially reach out to thousands of current and prospective customers. But, it’s not that simple. Once the decision has been made to add social media to a company’s marketing and communication strategy, more than a few factors must be considered.

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