Top Ten Must Visit List

I've alway wanted to travel, always. The only thing more interesting than watching or reading about the amazing places all over the world is visiting those places. And for as long as I can remember I've always had a wish list of places I want to visit. It wasn't original or clever but the first place I was dying to go to was Disney World. Somewhere in my parents' house is a VHS tape of me looking up in the sky, seeing an airplane and stating that it must be going to Disney World. Because, why would you go anyplace else?

From there my list of places has just grown. My dream is to visit every continent. Maybe I'll see Mumble from Happy Feet in Antarctica. But until then, here are just a few of the places I want to go.

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Do you have a travel top ten list? Share them with me! Have you been to or live in any of these places? Tell me some places I should go see! 


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