5 Things I Realized While At A Beyonce Concert


Like almost every other twentysomething black woman in Metro Detroit, I attended the Beyonce concert this week. But unlike those other women, I wouldn’t say that my experience was flawless. Now this has nothing at all to do with Queen Bey, she herself was flawless. But while I was there I realized five things:

1. I’m only a casual Beyonce Fan


Am I the only one that didn’t buy her album 4? I must have been the only one at her concert that didn’t because there were a good amount of songs I had no idea about. I was just standing there thinking I’m not sure what this is, but her dancers are getting it! This might also be an unpopular opinion, but I liked her last album better.

2. I don’t get the hype behind DJ Khaled

I’m also not a music head and not at all plugged into the music scene, but I don’t get it. Someone will have to explain it to me.

3. If my friend gets in a fight at a concert, I will not leave with them in solidarity as they get kicked out.

I consider myself a loyal friend. I show up and take care of the people that are important in my life. But, I will not get kicked out of this Beyonce concert. I spent too much money to get kicked out. If you decide you need to start a fight with the girls in front of us that are standing in their chairs blocking our view, I will not take the other girl. I will get security, I will watch you and the other girls get kicked out, and I will try to enjoy the rest of the concert in peace. (My friend did not get kicked out, but she was trying.)

4. Never getting floor seats again

The whole standing on chairs thing was a problem. It was annoying and you couldn’t tell these people that it was completely rude to stand on their chairs during the concert. They felt as if they spent too much money NOT to be able to stand in their chair during the concert, despite signs warning against it.

5. Last Beyonce concert for a while


No offense to Queen Bey, but I think she’s broken my budget enough this decade. I saw her Mrs. Carter tour and this one. Give me ten years and maybe I’ll see her again because we all know that she’ll be touring in 10 years.


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